The spark!

Recipes with Alcohol + A Great Story = Connectedness.

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5 Responses to “The spark!”

  1. Brenda Bissell Says:

    Carla, your story reminds me very much of my own maternal family. My Nana wouldn’t even pick up a pair of scissors on a Sunday, as it was a sin to work on the sabbath. She would have been horrified by the idea of cooking with alcohol. Her daughter, my mother, was like yours in that growing up, I never saw her drink alcohol, but she would cook with it. My mom expressed her creative streak through lots of experiments with cooking.

    One summer, she made a fruit compote that was preserved using copious amounts of brandy. She started by adding strawberries to brandy, then cherries, and raspberries and peaches as each of them came into season. Each time she added fruit, more brandy would be added. In the winter, it had aged enough to serve over ice cream. It was delicious! My Nana came over for supper and my mother served her some of the fruit compote (without telling her what the ingredients were). Nana asked for seconds!

    I can also relate to your story about lipstick and cards. When my parents moved from Toronto to the USA in the 60’s they found that the new church that they attended was less strict – many of the ladies wore lipstick, and my mom eventually followed suit. When she returned for a visit to Toronto, and showed up at her sister’s door, her sister opened the door and greeted her with the exclaimation, “Look who’s here – it’s the lipstick kid!”

  2. Carla Johnson Says:

    What a wonderful story, Brenda! Thank you! This fruit compote is made over several months? Wow. It must be amazing. Does the fruit almost melt in your mouth?

  3. Brenda Bissell Says:

    No, its texture is like canned peaches – soft, but still has some body to it. There was a lot of brandy – so it was very well preserved. The purpose for aging it was to let the flavours mingle.

  4. Doris Jakobsh Says:

    Carla, you gone done it again! This is lovely, likely even a tad brilliant.



  5. Carla Johnson Says:

    Thanks Doris. The next one is in the works – it’s a story and a recipe from a good friend. I’m looking forward to sharing it!

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