Grandma Started It!

Read the story and see the recipe on my new permanent site:



5 Responses to “Grandma Started It!”

  1. Miichelle Says:

    mmm…. looks good.

    If I were to fry the cheel-cha after boiling it… how would you recommend I do that — Olive oil sprinkled on a pan?

  2. Carla Johnson Says:

    I think that would work well. You could also use a vegetable oil at a hotter temperature to make them crispier. Mmm so good.

  3. jensboys Says:

    When your Grandma met me, she grabbed my face and said “Jennifer, now that is a STRANGE name!” 🙂

    Loved the recipe and the story.

  4. Carla Johnson Says:

    Oh my goodness! That sure does sound like Grandma.

    Your blog sure reflects the adventures of your family!

  5. Grandma Started It! « Cooking With Sin Says:

    […] Grandma Started It! […]

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